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Billy Saffyre is from Lincoln, Nebraska -currently residing in Des Moines, Iowa. His solo musical act originated in March of 2012.
He decided to go forth and form a solo act after taking a hiatus from his former musical creation ‘Billy and the Good
Times’ (which dissolved in 2009). The music that Billy Saffyre plays is a sultry mix of pop, rock, and is
full of what some have referred to as “man-tastic” antics. His show consists of him, a piano, a story or
two, and a fog machine. Rocketing high falsettos combined with dramatic whispering lows makes for a
high-energy and ridiculously fun time. Billy Saffyre arranges piano/vocal versions of
songs that were popular in the past ten years with a couple of gems from the seventies and eighties thrown
in for fun. Of course, no Billy Saffyre show is complete without a special guest artist for a song or two.
These talented guest musicians are specifically selected by Saffyre himself to ensure a high-quality and
maximized entertainment experience.

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