Tonite… We’ll SING!!!

I hope that you have all been enjoying learning to ‘talk street’. I also hope that no one will dis my mad wordpress for having such dope content. There will be more slang flashcards to come tomorrow.

I’ve got a show tonite at the Main St. Bar on the main drag in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. Preparation for this show has been pretty crazy yet very fulfilling. See, a part of my live show is to try to have at least one or two new jams thrown in to the mix for every show. I don’t typically have a very hard time coming up with the musical arrangements but I have the toughest time memorizing lyrics. Despite the struggle of lyrics-memorization, I have felt so incredibly alive this past week getting ready for this show. There aren’t a lot of things in this world that I can think of that relax me or focus me as much as playing music does. After a five to six hour practice session yesterday, I’m feeling READY TO ROCK*! Anyways, I’d like to encourage every person that reads this to really think about what is fulfilling and relaxing to you this week and really just devote a full day to doing that. I know that the workday grind can take a toll, but do what makes you feel fulfilled and relaxed before and after work one day… Maybe even during your lunch break. I know I feel like a refreshed and brand new person after a focused rehearsal day like yesterday. I hope to see you at the show tonite. If not, I’ll see you here on WordPress!

B. Saffyre

*to diffuse any hangups: when I use the word ROCK here, I’m referring to the spirit of jams in my set like ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ and ‘Cum On Feel the Noize’ … but that’s not to say that I haven’t made arrangements for all of the songs I play that do indeed ROCK – they just rock with a piano [sans backtracks] and not a b**chin’ guitar solo. Shazam!


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