Manic Mondayz

Well, today has been a little crazy. My faithful booking agent, Jennifer, and I went to meet with a venue owner in the Havelock district of Lincoln, NE. I’m happy to say that we did score a solid deal in the end and that one of the finest music shows that Lincoln, NE has ever seen will be happening later this October. On top of that, the owner hooked us up with some delicious breakfast. For that, I can not complain. This show is going to be a bit different than the others… but in a VERY spectacular way. We have a few more meetings this week with some solid prospects. This upcoming tour is going to be a mind rocker.

<insert segue here>

Does anyone know any words that sound like they were exclusively used in the 1920’s through 1940’s? I’ve been doing some word play in my mind and silly old words seem to make it better… They might even make it on to a promotional Billy Saffyre sign… hint…

All the best,

Make good choices,

Signing off… now,

-Billy Saffyre

Video?  Check it!


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